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Challenge the Potential of Your Strength

U.S. Patent No. 9,089,738

The Pronator can help you improve your upper extremity strength.

The Pronator

The Pronator was developed to help people reach their goals and get the job done. It doesn't matter if you are a Major League Baseball player or a patient trying to get back to enjoying life, The Pronator can help you build arm strength and get better at doing what you love. The Pronator is not just another new device used to rehab and build upper extremity strength, but a new concept of improving function.

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Watch it Work

Instructional videos show many ways to use The Pronator

New Exercise Ideas

View by body part a list of exercises that you can start doing today with The Pronator

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Designed by a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist to be easy to use and to allow exercise progressions that were not previously possible. The Pronator has the unique ability to use any coated dumbbell or resistant band in your clinic. This opens the door to new exercises and nearly unlimited progressions. Just think of the possibilities when you can truly Challenge the Potential of Your Strength.

Designed to Strengthen

  • Forearm Pronation and Supination
  • Wrist Radial and Ulnar Deviation
  • Elbow Flexion and Extension
  • Shoulder Internal and External Rotation


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Simple and efficient mechanism to exchange weights
  • Utilizes all coated dumbbells in your facility
  • Non-slip surface for both your grip and the dumbbell
  • Capability to securely hold up to a 30 pound dumbbell
  • Easily cleaned surface

My Story...briefly

The inspiration for The Pronator came while I was treating patients with Lateral Epicondylitis. I continually was frustrated with the lack of adequate equipment available to help patients regain their forearm strength. Hammers, resistance bands, ankle weights and dumbbells were not getting the job done. I wanted something that would allow my patients to build strength and keep improving towards their goals.

After many prototypes, The Pronator was developed by customizing a handle with a comfortable grip and attaching a strap to safely secure any dumbbell, resistance band or cable machine in a gym or clinic. This provides a way to challenge our patients without limitations and improve their outcomes.

I wanted to provide therapists everywhere a safe way to challenge patients to reach their potential! This allows people to build enough arm strength to fully return to work or helps athletes rehab after injury and competitively get back on the field.

Beyond Rehabilitation

The Pronator is not only for patients recovering from an injury. The Pronator is an ideal tool to facilitate upper-extremity strength and neuro-muscular control in all facets of life. Whether you need the strength to open a jar or are training to throw a 100 M.P.H fastball, The Pronator can help you reach your goals.

It is also ideal for athletes looking to improve arm strength and gain an edge on opponents in: baseball, golf, football, basketball, tennis, lacrosse, ultimate Frisbee, table tennis, and many more.

The Pronator can help athletes like this pitcher