Inspiration from a really bizarre person!

I love getting inspiration from places that you never ever thought could possibly produce an ounce of common sense more or less inspiration.  For example: a bowling ball, I could stare at it for an hour and do nothing but lose 60 minutes of my life.   I had a moment recently that almost caused me to fall over.  My wife was watching the Voice (okay so was I, I am a closet Adam Levine fan) and Miley Cyrus said something that really hit me.  Yes, the same Miley Cyrus that started as an innocent Disney girl and slowly turned into this:

How can this pop icon that trolls for publicity possibly be an inspiration…well maybe i am judging a book by it’s cover…but probably not.

She said, in a very emotional moment with one of her singers: “life is not what you choose or what you are given but what you make of it.”   Wow, this is really good.  At first I didn’t know if it was shock or truly a great inspirational statement.  I immediately searched the internet and could not find it quoted by someone else, so it is possible that she actually came up with this.

I originally had an issue with hre statement that life is not what we choose, because I believe that all actions have consequences.  We always have a choice and that choice has a big impact on our lives and on others.  But have you ever made a mistake?  If you are reading this you are human unless Watson is reading this.  As humans we make mistakes…everyday.

I believe life is about our choices but if you make a bad choice it is what you do next, “it’s what you make of it.”   Do you own up to the mistake, do you work to fix it and make it right?  Or do ignore it and pretend it never happened.

Life certainly is not what we are given:

I am not trying to show you that someone always has it worse than you, but merely trying to remind you that you are blessed and talented.   If these amazing people can overcome their disabilities, imagine what you and I can do with half the resolve.  Life is this amazing journey of finding where your passion meets your beliefs, then never giving up on them.  And remember, everyone fails so don’t be afraid of it, make something of it.

Life is not always what you choose, it is what you make of your choices.

Life is not what you are given it is what you create with the talents that you have.


I tip my hat to Miley for that one.


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