My awe of the Internet!

A quick disclaimer: This post is not intended to be boastful, but to truly reflect my amazement or better yet my admiration of how incredibly advanced and small the world has become.

In the last week I had the great opportunity to sell a Pronator to a lad in Herning, Denmark and then to an awesome person in Clarinda, Iowa.  In fact, just this year, Pronator’s have sold in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Queensland, Australia.  Plus several other countries outside these Untied States of America.

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I have never been to these countries and I don’t even know a single person living there.  For me to fly and talk to these people or even make a magazine ad, then translate it into 4 different languages, find a magazine to buy ad space and hopefully make a sale…. That would be incredibly expensive and time consuming if not impossible for one person to do.

Yet thanks to Al Gore’s invention of the Internet, selling to Brazil is as easy as Iowa.  People from around the world could view my videos or read this very blog post with a click of button.  You don’t need a million dollar budget or an office in the European Union, you just need a computer and an internet connection.  Then the entire world opens up literally right in front of your eyes.  That is so amazing!!!!

I am so blessed and thankful to be part of this world.  It is a gift to have these opportunities that lay in front of every single person reading this post…no matter what country you are in.

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