The Patterson Medical story

If you follow me on social media, you will have noticed that a pretty awesome thing just happen with The Pronator.  It was added to the largest distributor of rehab supplies in the world and the opportunity to help so many people.  Yes it maybe now one of thousands of products in the catalog but still a really huge deal.  The reason it is such a big deal, is because The Pronator is now visible to thousands, maybe tens of thousands of clinics around the global.  For every therapist in one of these clinics they can see 10 plus patients a day!  Which gives The Pronator a chance to help over a hundred thousand people every year.  That is what really makes me excited, now The Pronator can start helping more and more people everyday! I set out on this journey to help people and make a difference.  Helping people get back to work, being able to play with kids or to be better at a sport they love.

My history with Patterson is actually almost as old as The Pronator.  They were one of the first companies to see the value of the Pronator from the start.  I reached out to them as soon as I had applied for a patent and had a functioning product.  Right away they were interested.  One of my concerns was manufacturing. What if they started ordering lots of units and I could not keep up? At the time I was working with a local machine shop and assembling them in my garage.  They introduced me to one of their manufacturers and we worked out a licensing deal. This company also told me they would help finalize the design.  This was amazing and everything I was hoping for!  It sounded too good to be true.   I learned an important lesson then if a deal sounds too good to be true….it is.  Things were not quite as magical as I thought and after a couple months I cancelled the licensing deal.  This was a great decision but a scary one because I was afraid to lose Patterson as a distributor.  The deal was officially over in September of 2015.  Things still got worse, the manufacturer would not sell back any product or supplies that they had.  This left me with nothing.  It took three months, or what felt like eternity, for me to get back up and running.  The Pronator is actually better now that I took it back over, but now I am doing all the work again.

I never lost contact and never stopped trying to work with Patterson.  They were open to the idea but as a company they were going through a buyout, which really made them focus inward and my product was pushed back.  It was not until August of 2016 when everything finally got put back in place.  An entire year passed by! Here is the link: (I check it out every once and awhile to make sure it is still there)

There was a lot of good that came from this, first of all I learned a lot about patience and perseverance.  Which for me is impressive, just ask my wife.  It took a year and hundred emails/phone calls.  I had to file pages of paperwork, double my insurance policy, and redo a lot of work, but it was all worth it.  Taking back control of The Pronator increased my margins, even though I lost 3 entire months of sales and a whole year with Patterson.  It also has made me realize that when your product become one of many products in a company, they don’t care as much as you.  No fault of theirs, they have a company to run.  I realized that if The Pronator was going to get developed I would need to do it.  I was the one who invented the idea. I developed the first product and convinced a company like Patterson to believe.   I was also going to be the one to finish the job I started.

I am very excited for the future of The Pronator!  This is going to involve a brand new super kick ass version and a bright future with a distributor like Patterson Medical.

Sorry for the long narrative, I just thought that it was a fairly interesting story and gave some background on the recent events.


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