The Pronator really works!!

So to prove that something works we need to see evidence. (Warning: this is slightly nerdy, so proceed with caution)

I had the chance to go back to Marquette University this weekend and take part in a Continuing Education Course.   I attended Marquette for Physical Therapy school so it was very nostalgic to go re-live the feeling of spending countless hours in a lecture hall.  The course was presented by two great professors:  Dr. Starsky and Dr. Neumann.  If you ever get a chance to hear them talk, go for it.

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The coolest part of the course for me was a chance to see the Pronator in action.  For one of the labs we used EMG (electromyograph) to test muscle activation during specific exercises.  That is a really geeky way to see how well an exercise is actually working a target muscle.  Here is what is it looks like:

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This is not real Pronator data

Basically the higher the spike the stronger the muscle contraction.

I could always feel the difference the Pronator made with exercise but now I had the chance to actually see what happens through a fancy computer system.  We tested two muscle groups: the rotator cuff (supra and infraspinatus)  and the scapular re-tractors: mid trap/rhomboids.  Both of these muscle groups are essential for our shoulder and are used in almost every arm motion.  When these muscles become weak they can also contribute to a lot of shoulder problems.

The exercise that I always thought was the most effective is the one pictured below:img_3237

I can feel the muscle burn in my shoulder and it was much harder then holding a dumbbell.   Looking at the results, The Pronator nearly doubled the activation of the shoulder external rotators and scapular stabilizers.  It was awesome to watch the computer screen as the lines started to go off the page.

Some students from Marquette actually did a small study last year with a couple exercises and this was one of them.  They showed really similar results.  The difference was that they had three subjects and compared the Pronator to a standard hammer and holding a dumbbell in your hand.

Here are their results:


screenclip screenclip

As they say: “the proof is in the pudding” Actually, I am not sure how pudding ever proved anything, but it is still very cool to see that scientifically The Pronator really makes a difference!

And if you don’t believe science then I encourage you to try it for yourself.

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