It is what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light….

I love it!!!! Under Amour you nailed it!!!

Let me repeat that, “It is what you do the dark, that puts you in the light.”

First off Michael Phelps is “The Man,” talk about a role model for sacrificing to be the best.  We all get to see Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympic Athlete in the history of the games, stand on the podium to receive a Gold Medal while the National Anthem plays in the background.  But what we don’t see is what he does every day for the four years prior to the Games.  He works his ass off.

His peak training looks something like this: he phelpsswims 80,000+ meters a week, which is nearly 50 miles!!  He practices twice a day, or more if he’s training at altitude.  Phelps trains for five-six hours a day, six days a week and then weight trains 2-3 days on top of that.   He eats 12000 calories A DAY and still looks like this.

It is the hard work and preparation you do every day that sets you up to succeed.  Success is not given, it is earned.


I think this quote by Amy Hempel sums it up perfectly:
“There’s no such thing as luck.  Luck is where preparation meets opportunity”

What are you preparing for???

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Do you think you could ride this bike?

Do you remember learning to ride a bicycle?  Of course not, you were 6 years old.  Have you ever heard the expression ‘its as easy as riding a bike?’  I bet when you first started it was not that easy, but by practicing, falling and getting back up, you did it.

This is a really crazy video that gave me a whole new perspective on learning to ride a bike.  Please watch this 8 minutes video and take the time to challenge the way you look at the world.

First thing, I want to try this!!!  I am not sure what you learned from this but my big take home message was, if you truly want to change it will be harder than you can imagine.


What I really love about this video is the other 2 great lessons that it teaches.  The first: “knowledge does not equal understanding.”  He had the knowledge to know that the bike was backwards but his brain had a pathway already set that would not allow him to understand this.  He had to spend 8 MONTHS, re-learning a basic task that he mastered when he was 6.  Just because I think that I understand something doesn’t make it right.  If you traveled back in time 70 years ago and asked someone about talking on a telephone that has no cord they would say, “it is impossible you need a cord!!!!”  Not so true anymore.

The other amazing point, “truth is truth no matter what we think.  So be very careful how you interpret things because you are looking at the world with a bias, whether you think you are or not.”

Mic drop!?!?!?!

Are you kidding me?  You think you can ride a backwards bike, all you need to do is move opposite.  But you can’t because your learned neuro-pathways will not let you.  That is until you focus and dedicate your life to changing….for maybe 8 months.  8 Months is a really long time, we need to be very serious about change, or it will not happen.  It is not your fault, your brain is working against you.  Stupid Brain.  I want to lose a little weight and I have tendency to eat dessert after every meal…and between every meal…Stupid Brain.  I need to stop eating that dessert for 8 months before I can break that bad habit…and here I thought Lent was hard.  No wonder I give up sweets every Lent, it is not long enough.  I have to be dedicated to the change I want in my life.  Another great example: go to any gym in January after people make their New Year’s resolutions and count the people, then go back in May….

I love this video, the first time I saw it, it really opened my eyes.  Practice does not make prefect.  Perfect practice makes perfection.  It is not what I think I can do, it is what I do everyday that matters.  Changing is not easily accomplished because you have to physically change the neurological pathways in your brain but it can be done.  You just need to take one step at a time and then take that next step forward every day, and don’t ever look back!


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The Inaugural Post

One of the main reason I wanted to start a blog on my website is to share some of the amazing content that was created by other bloggers about The Pronator.  I needed a way to share links to a couple amazing videos that Mike Reinold and Erson Religioso posted about The Pronator.

The very first person to do a video review was Mike Reinold.  He was the Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer for the Boston Red Sox’s.  Now he owns a private clinic and travels the country sharing his amazing wisdom with other therapist.   If you are looking for well researched exercises and treatment ideas, you need to spend some time on his website.

Please watch this video for his review.  He demonstrates one of the best exercises to use with The Pronator.  This exercises is hard to mimic with other devices.

The next amazing Physical Therapist to share The Pronator with the world was Erson Religioso.  He is an amazing clinician with a treatment philosophy that is unlike any other.  His approach to dysfunction is different from what most schools teach and is derived from clinic experience.   He also runs a great blog with inspirational content that is geared to manual Physical Therapist ( I am a fan) called The Manual Therapist: The Blog of the Eclectic Approach.

Here are some of the cool exercises that came up with:


Thank you for taking the time to read/watch my first blog post.   I am not sure where I will be going from here but check back or sign up to get future post.

Also if you have any suggestions for blog topics I would love to here them!!



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