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"We have implanted the Pronator into our individual pitcher’s programs. It has become an integral part of our pitchers routine that assists in keeping them healthy and on the field."

Jeremiah Randall PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS, Cert DN
Houston Astros Head Athletic Trainer
Houston, TX

"The Pronator has become a popular tool in my clinic. It's a great way to work on grip and forearm strength, but can also be used to add a different force to shoulder and scapular exercises. We use it everyday with our patients and athletes!"

Mike Reinold DPT, ATC, CSCS / Champion PT and Performance
Boston, MA

"The Pronator has a multitude of uses and gives us great flexibility when designing creative and individualized rehabilitation programs. We used it on the first day back in the office following the 2015 NATA Clinical Symposium & AT Expo."

Nate Postma, MA, ATC, LAT
Assistant Athletic Trainer Mens Football
Iowa State University

" uses it the most in their arm care programs... we will certainly use it for forearm-wrist-hand rehab at all sports. That is my personal favorite use for it overall, but I do really like the prone horizontal abduction shoulder exercise with it that requires the patient to externally rotate."

Jake Pfeil, MS, ATC, LAT
Senior Associate Director of Sports Medicine
Florida State Univeristy Tallahassee, FL

"The Pronator has been great, very useful, especially when doing forearm and shoulder exercises. We have utilized it when doing several shoulder rehabilitation's, progressing to it with our Y,T,I’s, standing internal and external rotation strengthening exercises, etc. We are so glad that we have one of these in each of our four facilities on campus."

Wesley R. Mallicone, MS, LAT, ATC
Director of Sports Medicine
Shippensburg University

"Using the Pronator has made such a difference in enhancing my patients' treatment progressions for upper limb and shoulder treatment. It is such a great and easy to use tool, that I really do enjoy having to compliment my rehabilitation techniques. I can't recommend it enough for Physiotherapists wanting to improve their patient's experience.
Definitely worth the investment."

Jennifer Dodge, Physiotherapist
Shoulder and Upper Limb Clinic, Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE

" The Pronator is great for my industrial patients. It's very practical and you can make several adjustments on grip height and weight used. I see a lot of elbow/wrist injuries and this had become a staple in my rehabilitation of these injuries."

Brian JP McWilliams, MS, LAT, CSCS, CEAS, USAT Level II Coach
McWilliams Training, Inc

" I use The Pronator in my daily practice treating patients with forearm, wrist, and hand injuries. The Pronator allows me much more flexibility in varying resistance for my individual patients doing forearm and wrist strengthening exercises. Patients comment on the comfort of the handle and are confident with the strength of the ratchet strap. The Pronator has essentially replaced my old 16 ounce claw hammer!"

Chris Smith, OT
Occupational Therapist

""I've had chronic wrist pain for the last few years but since I started working with the Pronator I've been nearly pain-free. I'm excited to use the Pronator to increase my shoulder strength next. I can definitely see myself using this the rest of my life."

Alf Callowhill, PGA of Canada Golf Coach

"The Pronator has great versatility to increase weight as the patient gains strength when working pronation/supination, and several patients have commented how much they like the handle of The Pronator versus the wood grip of a regular hammer."

Peg Hau, OT, Ceritfied Hand Therapist
Advanced Physical Therapy and Sport Medicine

"The Pronator offers the versatility to be used to address goals related to dynamic stability such as in overhead throwing athletes as well as the strength and ability to be used with industrial patients who face the demands of heavier repetitive labor. The ease with which the weight is adjusted as well as the ablity to increase weight to a greater degree than traditional pro/sup tools make this product one that will truly be an asset to both our Hand Therapy clinic as well as our Work Conditioning program."

Lacey Jandrin, OT

Teams using The Pronator!

Division I Colleges:

Iowa State University

Florida State University

Mississippi State University

Ole Miss

Marquette University

Brigham Young University

United States Air Force Academy

Michigan State University

University of Florida

University of Virginia

Georgia Tech University

Major League Baseball Organizations:

Pittsburg Pirates

Los Angeles Angels

Oakland Athletics

Houston Astros

National Football Teams:

Denver Broncos

New York Jets

Houston Texans

Green Bay Packers

National Basketball Association:

Minnesota Timberwolves

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